Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How much are residential association dues?

Currently, dues are only $150 per year.

What are the association dues for?

The yearly assessments cover shared maintenance and operating expenses for the association. Examples  include: landscaping and lawn service for the entrances, sign maintenance, utilities, and legal and administrative services. 

When are the community garage sales?

Annual community garage sales are scheduled for the 3rd Saturday in October.

I’m going to sell my home. Do new owners need to be approved by the board of directors?

No, new owners do not need to be approved by the board, but the Association does need the contact information for the new owners. 

How should my realtor or closing agent request estoppel letters or other information?

Requests for estoppels, or other information, can be mailed to our PO Box or they can be requested via e-mail. 

For a quicker turn-around time, we recommend submitting the request via  e-mail. Estoppels will be completed and  returned as quickly as possible. However, please allow for up to fifteen (15) days to complete your  request.  When submitting these requests, we recommend having your representative request that copies be returned to all interested  parties: the seller's agent, the closing agent, the title company, etc. That way, any discrepancies or questions can be addressed well in advance of the closing.

I've noticed in increase in speeding vehicles. What can I do?

Residents and visitors should always obey the posted speed  limits.   However,  if you should observe vehicles speeding through the neighborhood, please contact  the Sheriff's Office to request increased traffic patrol in the area.  Their telephone number is (386) 736-5333.